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Children Therapy Programs
  • kid touching her facePediatric Occupational Therapy (OT) helps children gain independence and promotes development of fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, visual motor skills, and self-care skills that children need to function and socialize in their home, school, play, and community environments. OTs who work with children use play-based and natural daily activities to improve areas of delay and difficulty. By helping parents to understand their children’s strengths and needs, OT can help families to support their children’s motor, self-care, and sensory processing skills and improve their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.
  • kid at playgroundPhysical Therapy (PT) assists children by promoting the development of motor skills, and helping children learn to move through their home, school, and community environments easily and effectively. Physical therapists assess children individually, and depending upon the needs of the individual child, therapeutic services are aimed at increasing the child’s strength, range of motion, endurance, balance, coordination, and the quality of the child’s movements.  Physical therapy goals for young children often address delayed motor skills, such as sitting, crawling, standing, and walking, and caregivers are provided with ideas and suggestions for facilitating the development of these skills in the home and community settings.  Physical therapists also assess the need for orthopedics, such as splints and braces, and offer recommendations for adaptive equipment when needed.
  • kid smilingSpeech-Language Therapy
    Speech-language evaluation and therapy services are provided by ASHA certified speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in the home, at the center, or in the community, depending upon the needs of the child and the family. Speech-language therapy sessions target various areas of communication skills, such as receptive language, expressive language, articulation, fluency, voice, and pragmatics (social use of language), depending upon the individual needs of the child. For some children oral sensory-motor and feeding skills may also be addressed in therapy.  For very young children, early intervention services may precede or occur concurrently with speech-language therapy services. Parental participation in speech-language services is encouraged, and techniques and ideas for facilitating communication skills in the home are shared.
  • kid wearing yellowBehavioral Intervention Program
    Kiddo Land Learning Center behavioral intervention program is designed to identify and target issues that interfere with the child’s ability to develop and learn successfully. This program offers a comprehensive assessment to children suspected of having developmental issues, behavioral problems, autism, pervasive developmental disorder, intellectual disabilities, gifted or talented etc. An intensive, structured and individualized intervention program is developed to address the goals and objectives based on the findings of the assessment.

Parental consultation and education sessions are available.

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