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Employer: Chenstar Corporation (dba: Kiddo Land Learning Center)

Job Title: Special Education Teacher

Job Site: 46280 Briar Pl., Fremont, CA 94539

Full-Time: 40 hours per week

Job duties: Education level being taught: Preschool children up to 7 years of age. Work with students with a wide range of learning, mental, emotional and/or physical disabilities to plan, prepare, teach, assess, adjust, re-teach, and re-assess students in special education programs in order to appropriately document student achievement results. Assess and monitor students’ skills and knowledge in order to determine the areas in need of improvement. Manage students’ behavior in ways that maximize learning and the development of good self-esteem. Analyze and accommodate various learning styles and developmental levels within the classrooms and programs. Ensure all special education programs are in compliance with applicable local, State, and Federal policies and procedures. Consult with parents, colleagues, and other appropriate individuals or agencies concerned with student achievement, behavior and development and adopt suitable programs meeting the needs of each special education student. Coordinate and provide direct services implement IEPs (Individualized Education Programs) for children with disabilities in a variety of settings including the classroom, the child’s home, and, when appropriate, other settings that provide services to children.

Education requirement: Master degree in Education or Early Childhood Special Education.

Special Requirement: Certificate of Eligibility for the Education Specialist Instruction Credential.

Experience Required: None.

To Apply, send resume to:
Attn. Moon Chia
Chenstar Corporation (dba: Kiddo Land Learning Center)
46280 Briar Pl.
Fremont, CA 94539